Roger Baril has Practiced Massage Therapy and Somatic Education in Grand Junction Since 1989

Assisting a client with movement education.

Roger’s integrated approach to movement and massage therapy helps heal acute or chronic pain, postural problems, physical stiffness, or lack of strength or range of movement. His unique combination of hands-on massage, myofascial release and movement education creates lasting  body-mind connections.

Each session is  customized to the individual and will address their specific needs and issues. 

Injury, age, repetitive movement, and illness are all factors that lead us to not feel our best. The effect of these ‘stresses’ can show up as chronic pain, headaches, neck and back pain, postural distortions, fatigue and weakness. At a deeper level, our mind and bodies unconsciously become contracted or locked into dysfunctional patterns. We can heal these patterns and the resulting conditions by exploring them with movement and different kinds of massage.

What is Somatic Therapy & Movement Education?

Our body and mind – the neuromuscular system – sometimes gets locked into dysfunctional and painful patterns.  Somatic Therapy is a process of guided and assisted movement. These movements release the old and painful patterns and create new healthy ones.

The process is sometimes called ‘movement education’. We learn new ways to move our bodies that create new mind-body connections.  The movements that are learned can be practiced on a daily basis for continued benefit.

Integrating Movement and Hands-on Therapies

Hands-on therapy and somatic movement are excellent complements to one another. From gentle massage for tight muscles to deeper myofascial therapy and postural integration, Roger blends different techniques to get the best results. Unlike some forms of massage therapy, where the client is mostly passive, Roger’s style actively involves the patient. Gently rotating limbs and joints, combined with varying degrees of pressure, help to clear and re-form neuromuscular connections.

Who is this Type of Therapy For?

  • Those suffering from chronic and long term pain
  • People who want to improve their range of motion.
  • High level sports athletes looking to improve performance.
  • People looking to correct postural problems.

Overall well-being and stress reduction occur naturally as part of the deeper focused work.

Every body and circumstance is different and for effective and long lasting results, a personalized therapy works best.

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Offices in Grand Junction, Delta, and Paonia.


Words from Past Clients:

 “I am a former professional Tri-athlete. I am currently a personal trainer and compete in several triathlons per year that host the top runners in my age and under in the nation and in the world. I finished this year at number 2 in my age of 49, in the nation. I train consistently year round. To do this I include seeing Roger Baril once per week. I have been to numerous sports and massage therapists in my life. Roger is unique to anyone I have experienced. For the well rounded session of 75 minutes my legs, hips, trunk, shoulders and whole body awareness improves. I feel release of training pain, more movement, and improvement in my training with his Biokinetics and massage therapy. Roger has also helped me recover from a sprained Achilles tendon injury. I have steadily improved through this time of working with Roger” – Jim Ettenger, Personal Trainer/International level Tri-athlete, Grand Junction


“In my family practice I have referred patients to Roger for help in relieving a variety of  painful problems including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and tennis elbow. The patients and I have consistently been pleased with the excellent results.”  -Paul Cooper, M.D., Grand Junction


“I want to express my thanks to Roger Baril for relieving my back pain. I am a gardener and over did, developing back pain with sciatica. With his hands on method and his educating me to do certain movements, I have been able to maintain myself pain free.”  – Elen Hajek, Grand Junction