Roger Baril, CMT – Certified Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular and Somatic Physical Therapy in Paonia & Grand Junction.

Roger Beril NMT - Massage and somatics therapist, Paonia, Grand Junction

Roger has worked with hundreds of patients and has over 29,000 hours of practice since 1989.  

  • Heal from chronic pain
  • Correct postural issues
  • Increase range of movement
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Increase your body-mind connection


Health Benefits of Massage and Somatic Therapy

Roger Baril works with a client using somatic movement and massage therapy in his Paonia massage office.

Roger Baril – CMT, works with a client to relieve chronic pain with somatic massage and bio-kinetic movement therapy.

Here are some of the significant healing benefits for clients. Lasting results have been achieved, often when previous treatment or rehabilitation has been unsuccessful.

  • Relief from chronic pain:

    headaches, low back, neck

  • Rehabilitation:

    post surgery, sports injury, stroke and neurological disorders, rotator cuff and shoulder girdle rehabilitation, auto accident rehabilitation and other injuries.  Myofacial pain syndrome injuries. Somatic massage and movement therapy can be applied as an alternative or adjunct to physical therapy.

  • Illness and disorders:

    fibromyalgia, arthritis, TMJ Dysfunction, sciatica and perifomis syndrome. Chronic fatigue. Muscle spasm/strain.

  • General health:

    senior citizens- increased movement, strength and health. Stress relief.

  • Physical conditions:

    postural distortions, scoliosis and somatic dysfunction. Foot problems.

  • Athletic and sports therapy:

    Sports massage and therapy has excellent benefits for the training and maintenance of high-powered athletes – runners, bikers, skiers, climbers, etc.  Muscle and joint pain can be decreased or eliminated.  Somatic sports therapy also improves training results, efficiency, increases muscle flexibility and Kinisthetic integrated movement awareness. In cases of athletic injury,  therapy greatly enhances the healing and rehabilitation process. Somatic massage and movement therapy can be an excellent alternative to physical therapy or as a beneficial addition to it.

Roger’s body work sessions integrate several powerful healing therapies:

 Insurance Providers Accepted

Roger Baril is a registered provider for Colorado Workman Compensation with Pinnacle.  He is also able to provide benefits for most private insurance and Auto Insurance coverage for treatments provided.

Roger’s Body-Work & Healing Therapy Background and Education:

  • Movement Education (Somatics)  in the tradition of Thomas Hanna
  • Postural Integration (Similar to Rolfing)
  • Myofacial release (John Barns method)
  • Neuro-Muscular Therapy (St John Method)
  • Extensive training as a graduate of the San Francisco School for Self Healing with focus in movement and massage therapy, breath work and visualization

  • The Alexander technique
  • Tai Chi practice
  • Yoga
  • Cranio-sacral therapy (Upledger method)
  • Gyrokinesis
  • Body Logic (w/ Yamina Zake)
  • Continuum
  • Pre/Post Natal Massage


Biokinetcs deals with the whole body-mind connection.Biokinetics logo - Biokinetics is a trademark of Roger Baril for his work in somatic movement therapy.In 1994 Roger co-created/co-founded and trademarked Biokinetics (TM) with Carol Welch N.M.T.

Biokinetcs is a somatic (body-mind) learning process releasing chronic muscular tension.

Roger has co-instructed over 70 seminar trainings across the U.S. and Canada in Biokinetics Education to a broad spectrum of healing art practitioners, and over 300 students.



“Soma: The body perceived from within.”  -Thomas Hanna PHD, Founder of the Somatic Society and the American Feldenkrais Guild.

“Consciousness is a causative force in the human body, it reshapes the body.”  – Paul Mclean (Nobel Prize winner)

“Are you in pain? Seeking relief and healing through massage therapy?”


Client Testimonials

Clients share their experience of movement and massage therapy with Roger.

As a person who has worked at a computer for 15 years, my posture and overall health has suffered. Trying to self heal with yoga and exercise only got me so far. After working with Roger, a bout of chronic headaches disappeared after just a few sessions and my mobility and range of motion has increased. Roger has taught me several effective exercises and movements I can use to continue the work between sessions and into the future. Through my work with Roger, I am now much more aware of my body, my posture is improving and I feel like I am well down the road to undoing the damage and bad habits I have developed over the years. Thanks Roger!
– Colin OBrien, Web developer and graphic designer

“Roger Baril has consistently helped me maintain my most challenging training as a competitive runner and active man into my 50’s. Working with Roger has helped me both recover from injury and avoid injury.” – Dan Peterson, (Ran a half mile in two minutes and one second at age 50; Third in world at that age).

“I am a former professional Tri-athlete. I am currently a personal trainer and compete in several triathlons per year that host the top runners in my age and under in the nation and in the world. I finished this year at number 2 in my age of 49, in the nation. I train consistently year round. To do this I include seeing Roger Baril once per week. I have been to numerous sports and massage therapists in my life. Roger is unique to anyone I have experienced. For the well rounded session of 75 minutes my legs, hips, trunk, shoulders and whole body awareness improves. I feel release of training pain, more movement, and improvement in my training with his Biokinetics and massage therapy. Roger has also helped me recover from a sprained Achilles tendon injury. I have steadily improved through this time of working with Roger” – Jim Ettenger, Personal Trainer/International level Tri-athlete

“In my family practice I have referred patients to Roger for help in relieving a variety of  painful problems including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and tennis elbow. The patients and I have consistently been pleased with the excellent results.”  -Paul Cooper, M.D., Grand Junction

“I have been to a number of well known bodyworkers.  Working with Roger has been like none other. He is by far the most skilled educator I have ever experienced. He has helped me find a resolve to a number of ongoing chronic problems. We are fortunate to have him in our valley.”  – Evelyn Bittel,  Paonia African Dance and School Teacher.

“I am a middle-aged athlete with a tendency to push myself too hard. About once a year my back will “go out” with resulting pain and resulting extreme spinal misalignment.  One to three treatments with Roger, along with following the recommended exercises, has allowed me to resume my athletics. No other form of therapy has resolved my back problems so quickly…. “  – Don Anderson, DVM, Grand Junction

“I want to express my thanks to Roger Baril for relieving my back pain. I am a gardener and over did, developing back pain with sciatica. With his hands on method and his educating me to do certain movements, I have been able to maintain myself pain free.”  – Elen Hajek, Grand Junction

“My neck was so frozen, so painful, and I was so desperate that I was willing to go to someone I didn’t know. I went to Roger for one treatment and the very next day I was better. That’s powerful healing!  Thanks.”  – John English –Construction worker, Paonia.

“Roger’s work is exciting because it returns the body to its original intelligence, a most valuable form of education.”  – Caroline Metzler,  Acupuncturist  and Natural Therapeutic Specialist, Paonia

“A session with Roger always leaves me feeling wonderfully changed with a deeper awareness of my body movement. I walk away going wow!”  – Hal Brill, Environmentalist Bass Player, Paonia

“I have often received treatments from Roger and observed him working with others. He is very present and compassionate with his clients and his work is very effective.  My serious sciatic pain was completely resolved within three treatments with Roger.  I often recommend him to my own clients who need deep, focused work.”   – Ildi  Bartlett – Artist, Singer and Massage Therapist.

Student Testimonials

Students of Roger Baril share their experience of Biokinetics, Integrative Therapies & Somatic Education.

“The hands-on work helped me release areas of myself that could not be reached any other way. Roger is a masterful bodyworker/educator and a gentle, strong human being.” – H. Leonard, Hellerwork Practitioner.

“An experience that leaves me forever changed with an awareness of the subtle infinite possibilities for change.” – Kristy Vant, Yoga Alignment/Movement Instructor.

“The only adequate word to describe my experience of Biokinetics is revolutionary – both in my own body and that of my clients.” – Paul Tepley, Hellerwork Practitioner.

“Biokinetics accesses the healer within and will always be the highest form of medicine.” Scott Athair, St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Instructor.

“I now use Biokinetics every day in my practice. It is extremely effective and very satisfying. It is almost like starting over. I now look at my patients somatically.” –Michael Wheelan, Chiropractor.

“Biokinetics/Hanna Somatics is an approach that I use with anyone with musculoskeletal dysfunction. This work is essential knowledge to any physical therapist. It not only brings relief of pain, but true and lasting recovery.” – Dennis Kozak, LPT, Physical Therapist.

“I’m excited by the positive effect Biokinetics has on how I relate to my own body.” – B. Scott, D.O. Osteopath.

“I firmly believe that anyone in bodywork should gain an understanding of this work.” – C. Johnson, N.M.T.

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